Monday, December 22, 2008

New toy, big dreams

Well, this beauty showed up at my house last week, a birthday gift from my 2 beautiful daughters and my Mom. (Thank you, thank you, thank you.) I am so EXCITED I could explode! I have been wanting to get into this Etsy thing ever since Sheriece sent me the link about 3 months ago. Oh, the possiblities! I hope my creative juices haven't completely dried up. I have crocheted about 5 scarves for the little kids at a Cherokee daycare center (it is a project here at work, we are trying to get 250 hats, scarves and/or mittens) for Christmas, all of which turned out pretty cute, so maybe I can muster up enough creative mojo to come up with some cute things. Purses, baby blankets, baby clothes, little girls dresses... oh, I can't wait. Now if I can just make it out of the fabric store with some purchases. I am famous for going into a store, spending an hour picking things up, then stop, look at everything in the buggy and just turn around and leave. It drives those who happen to be with me at the time CRAZY! Maybe if I do a few deep breathing exercises before I go in I will be able to make some selections and hit the trail to sewing bliss. Wish me luck!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Another cool giveaway.

The Crafty Crow has a bunch of fun Monday giveaways. One is for a great downloadable kids craft book for the holidays. Check it out.